Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Home Fire Damage in Everett

This family’s Everett home suffered from a fire that affected the entire home. A fire can be devastating. SERVPRO of North Everett/ Lake Stevens/ Monroe worked hard to rebuild the structure and to get the family back in their home as quickly as possible.

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Hydroxyl Generator Use in Issaquah House Fire

This Hydroxyl Generator was used to aid in deodorization for a house fire in Issaquah. The Hydroxyl Generator has several benefits that the Ozone Generator does not. The main benefit is that the room that is being treated can be occupied during the deodorization process. Although the Ozone Generator works quicker than the Hydroxyl, it removes all oxygen from the area, which creates an unsafe environment for people, animals and plants. The Hydroxyl Generator can be used to treat other damage besides fire and smoke, including biohazard jobs, water damage, crime scene situations and animal odors.

Documentation Process for Fire Remediation Job

This Issaquah home was damaged by fire and the homes contents were packed out and cleaned while the home’s structure underwent cleaning. When packing out contents from this home, we used a documentation process to ensure no items were lost or misplaced. First, we took photos of the items being taken from the home. Then items were carefully boxed, and each box was individually labeled. Items could be cross-referenced with the inventory list for easy access. Our hope is to put customers at ease knowing each of their items is accounted for and that when they return to their house everything will be put back as it was before the disaster, making their home "Like it never even happened."

Thermal Fogging Used In Everett Business

An important first step in the fire mitigation process is Thermal Fogging. The fog molecules bond with the soot molecules and remove odor. Soot is acidic and will quickly damage a structure’s components such as metal and glass. The fog is alkaline based and neutralizes the acid from the soot particles. Thermal Fogging acts similarly to the smoke that caused the damage. The fog removes contaminants from the air and is able to reach cracks and crevices that can't be reached by hand cleaning. This space is a 2,100 square foot commercial building in Everett that sustained heavy smoke damage after a fire. Thermal Fogging was used to neutralize the smoke and soot odors.

Grease Fire in Lake Stevens Kitchen

The aftermath of a kitchen fire can be overwhelming. A grease fire created significant amounts of smoke and soot damage in this Lake Stevens kitchen. The top right picture shows the soot webs formed from the hot soot clinging to air particles and then sticking to the cooler areas in the room. The lower picture shows how effective our cleaning techniques are.

Smoke Damage in Lake Stevens

Smoke and soot damage can travel into every nook and cranny of a home. This was a grease fire and while the surfaces may not look too affected, the damage was even more apparent once the cabinets were removed. The original wall color was revealed as well as the extent of the damage. The cabinetry was unable to be saved because the fire had charred the wood. We were able to remove the soot and grease, repaint the room and replace the cabinets.

Damage Caused by Plastic Wet Smoke in Everett Home

This photo shows the extensive damage caused by a wet smoke fire, which is created by burning plastics and synthetics. Wet smoke is one of the most damaging smokes because the wet soot sticks to everything.

Get Professional Help When Dealing With Fire Damage

The damage a fire leaves behind is often overwhelming and the damage can be extensive. We help ensure your home is properly cleaned and sealed. Even after cleaning off soot and debris, odors can remain. We know how to remove long lasting smells and odors safely and effectively.