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We were very favorably impressed with the SERVPRO team that worked to remove materials in our kitchen that were damaged by flooding due to a broken shutoff valve under the kitchen sink. This involved removal of the kitchen floor linoleum and flooring, kitchen floor level cabinets, lower kitchen interior wall, and removing and drying insulation under the house as required. We met Q, and then Ryan, Nick, Austen, Colton, Jose, and Clarissa, and their crew chief Matt. The entire crew was very helpful, courteous, and respectful to each other and to us, and to their crew chief Matt, who was always very polite and courteous to us and his crew. By the time the SERVPRO team was done with their part of the job, they had almost begun to feel like family, and when their part of the job was done, something inside us was a little sad to see them go! We are looking forward to the rebuild portion of the job working with Jeff and Gary, Project Manager for the rebuild phase of the job, both super nice folks to work with! Thank you SERVPRO! 

A fantastic response to a less than fantastic fire. We have a simpler property than most. While our fire didn't displace families or affect anything other than people's toys....SERVPRO's response was precisely what one would expect. Their concerns mirrored our own and in a short amount of time (and with tremendous flexibility on their part) we were back in business.

The team that came to my house did a GREAT job. They were careful with the things that they handled, and they made sure that I knew what was going on at all times. I would highly recommend them for any job!

SERVPRO was able to get a crew to my house on the first day that they were contacted, and they set to work right away. They got the job done well within their estimated time.

We had a basement bathroom sewage flood. SERVPRO came out right away after we called them. Everyone who came to our home was nice and professional (also anyone on the phone). They knew their jobs and performed them quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up after themselves. All personnel were personally clean and neat. All furniture, framed pictures, etc. that was in our basement was professionally packed and labeled. They took great care. If something was personal and had to be kept on site, they moved it to wherever we asked them. They had secure, heated storage for everything that was moved off site. A small piece broke off on a cedar chest, they came back and picked it up, had it professionally repaired and redelivered it to us (at no extra charge). The repair is not noticeable. SERVPRO worked with our insurance company and never hassled us about payment. We are very happy with SERVPRO and highly recommend them.

SERVPRO did a wonderful job of getting the building put back together.

We have used SERVPRO twice, and they were absolutely amazing both times. They arrive very quickly, and their team makes a really stressful situation a lot easier to handle!! They waste no time getting started and are very clear in all communications regarding how the whole process works. Krissy and the pack out/in crew are AWESOME, and Tessa is great at talking you off the cliff when it all seems so overwhelming!!! Once she got the crew sent out, she popped in to make sure we were comfortable with how everything is going. Highly recommend them!!!!

This was a most amazing experience! Super fast & professional, helped me out on last minute notice. I am so grateful for having used the SERVPRO service. I would recommend this amazing outfit to any homeowner or Real Estate Agent who is completing an inspection like I did. It made the transaction close on time and my clients are so happy. Thank you again SERVPRO.

Everyone has been AMAZING!!!

Great job! Bar looks great and mats are squeaky clean!

Everybody was great!

Everything was handled very nicely.

Very nice to work with.

I manage a condo 4 plex. We had issues with leaking roofs… A roof contractor… confirmed what we suspected, that there were most likely going to be issues with moisture, mold, and potential other issues… I asked for references to deal with mold remediation. He… said he would have [SERVPRO] call me.

A couple of days later I was contacted by Stephanie House. We made an appointment and she... did a thorough investigation of the complex.

Our [insurance] agent…verified that he had worked with Stephanie over several cases. He had high praise for SERVPRO Everett and Stephanie.

Stephanie… was set to be on site the moment the roof started coming off to be there to confirm damage and immediately update and commit to a contractual bid.

The day the roof was opened… both the roof estimator and Stephanie started scouring the entire roof. The sheathing and soffits were severely damaged. They both took pictures and Stephanie sent the photos and observations to her technicians.

After they got off the roof, Stephanie and the contractor both confirmed that although there was severe roof damage, the way the insulation had been installed had protected the insulation... from damage… Stephanie shook my hand and said it was a pleasure meeting us and to remember us if there were any other service they could provide in the future.

Stephanie was always prompt, communicative, worked with roof contractor, thorough in her evaluation (and extremely fair in their estimate), and refreshingly surprising in wanting to do work, but not driving to make a buck.

Thank you SERVPRO! Thank you, Stephanie House. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Halverson Park will indeed keep you in mind if we need your services in the future.

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Excellent service. Dependable and came quickly. Would highly recommend. Very courteous. We are extremely satisfied.

Very friendly and respectful employees!

Your company has been extraordinary from the beginning. Always courteous, professional and super friendly.

Thank You

Great Job

As always, your crew did an outstanding job!

Very strong customer service. Chrissy cleaned our stand-alone shower. After a sewer back-up. She disinfected the entire shower and used the strongest cleaner to sanitize the shower for future use. She was very good to work with.

The job was carried out professionally. Jeff was clear about the process and easy to work with. He was prompt, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you for the patience and coordination to ensure a complete job!

Work and communication was excellent.

I wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent response time and for getting over to help our insured so quickly. We truly appreciate that kind of excellent service.

The team that came to our home to help us through this process has been the best. Polite, kind, courteous, friendly, helpful. We truly are grateful.

Our original call was not to SERVPRO and when we made the switch we kicked ourselves for not just starting with you! Thank you for all that you did.

SERVPRO was great. Everything was treated with TLC. I was impressed at how personal they made our home as things went. The people treated us like family.

Very grateful for the whole process going smoothly. The entire team did a great job!

I am writing today to let you know how impressed I am by Jeff Sorenson and his team. Mr. Sorenson met my husband… while participating in a local charity event. After hearing our difficulties finding professionals to repair our floors after a water leak, he pledged to take a look to see if SERVPRO could be helpful.

True to his word, he came to our home and quickly saw his team could help. Mr. Sorenson provided a detailed bid and introduced his team. He kept in communication with us to ensure our satisfaction with the work and respectfully answered our questions.

It is not common for contractors to do what they say they will do, at the price they say it will cost, at the time they say they will do it. Mr. Sorenson and SERVPRO did! Of course, no job is without its ups and downs but throughout the process Mr. Sorenson was honest and professional. While we hope no future calamities find us, his work has earned our respect and future patronage.

We were in awe of the service and workers! Keith and Ian were helpful, polite, and above and beyond what we could ask for!!!! The best workers we have seen in years!

Terrific Job - Thanks

You need 10 Nicks!

They provided excellent customer service.

Everyone was courteous. Appreciate all their help.

The entire experience was as smooth as could be! All personnel were courteous, professional and responsive! Great work!

I wanted to say thank you for making the situation easier with the quick responses and all the communication.
Jeremy and his crew have been awesome!

Dave and his crew did a great job. Communication and dependability were excellent. Much appreciated!

It helps when the people I have already met are the same that return. Very pleased!

They have definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for fast response.

Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for all you did!

Good job, very well done.

Thank you for your help.

We encountered no issues with the crew or work - thank you for sending professional people to our home - Nick is very good at what he does!

I was happy with their work.

David, Keith, Ray and Gary were exceptionally professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and went beyond to meet my schedule and answer all my questions and concerns.

Everyone was so professional and great at expediting the services needed after the damages! Wonderful team!

Thank you for your prompt and professional service!

Andy and his team did an amazing job of helping us in the emergency situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and I felt very confident and reassured by every recommendation he made and explanation he gave behind his reasoning. Thank you all for helping to save our Christmas!

Everyone was wonderful and friendly.

Tricia did an amazing job keeping me up to date on all changes during the whole process.

All SERVPRO representatives were professional and communicated well.

We are really pleased with the work that was done, and Ray and Johnny were extremely polite, professional, tidy and didn't mind answering any questions.

All 10s on the customer satisfaction sheet.

Doug gave us all 10s on the Certificate of Satisfaction!

I was doubtful at first since this was my first experience but these people made me very comfortable.

Thank you

Keep doing a good job. Professional, reliable, kind, on time, fast and high quality.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I cannot say more about these guys!! Out to my home in just hours of a phone call, worked around both mine and my tenant's schedules. 

These guys really are the best at what they do, they are kind, courteous, fast and worked well within my budget and even worked out all of the details with my insurance and I didn't have to worry about a thing!

Thank you so very much to Tricia and her team, they truly are amazing and got my house ready for contractors to come in and get my remodel after this water damage on the road.

People at SERVPRO are very knowledgeable and professional.

Timely attention to client’s claims! As an insurance agent we refer many of our clients needing home restoration with many positive results!

Working with SERVPRO for helping with larger products that I can't take on due to licensing and insurance reasons, Stephanie House has been taking great care of customers of mine and it's great that we are able to work together.

SERVPRO is dedicated to helping their clients through what are often very difficult home and business emergencies. You will be well taken care of with SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of N. Everett has saved my bacon twice. The first time was on a holiday when my upstairs shower drain failed, and flooded my downstairs. They were there in less than 1 hour on a holiday. [They] immediately found the problem and began drying out my damaged areas. 

The second time was at 5:00 am when an upstairs water heater failed above my rental condo, and completely flooded my entry way, ceiling, floors, walls, and more. My tenant was in a panic and SERVPRO once again was there very, very fast! I think it was less than an hour. At 5:00 am. Who does that? They did. They are professional, informative, and very courteous. They made sure all of the water-damaged areas were dried out, removed damaged sheet rock, flooring, and helped me find contractors to make repairs. They know what they are doing… I totally trust these folks, and would highly recommend [them].

We had SERVPRO as a contractor on some of our projects in 2016. The Scope of Work we had SERVPRO perform was clean up and repairs for a stadium fire that we had, and water restoration and clean up for one of our buildings where we had a pipe burst. Additionally, SERVPRO provided demolition and abatement services removing some old portables from one of our sites. All work was done with professionalism.

On the fire and water damage work the services were paid for through our insurance company. SERVPRO was required to keep very clear records in order to prove what the damage was and what the costs were to repair the damaged areas. The records they provided were very detailed and well done. On the abatement and demo project the project came in exactly for what it was bid at, and there were no change orders on the project.

We were very happy with the work SERVPRO provided for us and we wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future.

Everyone told us SERVPRO was the best and it is true! We had a minor home disaster recently and they were on site the same day we called with dehumidifiers. We received very personal care and thorough communication. Not only that, I see them all around the community at other events and they are all just the nicest people to know!

They were perfect! I appreciate the promptness, professionalism and skills shown by all who initially showed up on the day of the loss and each day after. These are some very hard workers that are good at their jobs because it shows.

David was very knowledgeable and laid out a plan to fix our problem. Worked just like he said it would! Yay, job well done!

SERVPRO Crew, Thank You for all your hardwork and diligence with this project! We truly appreciate all you've done. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! All our best, Andrew and Genevieve

I just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. David and his whole team were simply amazing to work with. Professional, efficient and so respectful of what we had to lose. They made this potentially horrible situation extremely liveable. Thank you again!!

The guys were great, very professional, would recommend the service to everyone.

You are the best thank you! I trust that you did an excellent job. My client let me know he is very happy with how it is all going! Thank you for making this very easy and seamless for him!

(Email received from Carlina Morris-State Farm Agency)

Job well done, outstanding service. A great team, and a first class service.

The SERVPRO professional did a superior job of customer service, making me feel at ease.

Garrett was wonderful, his explanations of what he was doing were a welcomed relief in these stressful times. You are fortunate to have such a educated and delightful employee.

David, Keith, Ray and Gary were exceptionally professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and went beyond to meet my schedule and answer all my questions and concerns.

The guys at SERVPRO were great! They made sure I was aware of each step and were polite at all times. I have already spoken highly of them to friends and family and will recommend them to anyone that has a need for them in the future!

Dave and his crew did a great job. Communication and dependability were excellent. Much appreciated!

I wanted to say thank you for making the situation easier with the quick responses and all the communication. Jeremy and his crew have been awesome!

Jeremy was on top of everything! He kept us updated and made sure we understood what was going on. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.

David, and his crew were exceptional, he took time to explain their procedure. They dried out our home and affected areas. Everyone was kind and i sensed they cared.

We have been very pleased with the attentiveness and professionalism.

Jermey and Charles were awesome-totally saved the day!!! So responsible, and tens across the board! Thank You!

Excellent Service!

Jermy was great. Very professional and knowledgable about what had to be done to take care of our problem. Thank you.

They have definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for fast response.

David and crew were very attentive to all questions and concerns. It was a feeling of being cared about and respected. You have a good crew working for you!

Garrett is very kind and great person to work with. I really appreciate his professional support and highly satisfying performed work. Due to his fabulous job, I will recommend your company to my friend, if they need same help.

Great job. Nice people. Thanks!

Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for all you did!