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Strategic Approaches to Drywall Flood Damage Restoration in Everett

6/9/2024 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry area with furniture floating around Flood damage is often difficult to deal with unless you know what you're doing. Contact SERVPRO for experienced personnel who are ready to help.

SERVPRO® Flood Restoration Services in Everett

Founded in 1890, Everett was named after Everett Colby, the son of a prominent investor. Its history is preserved in landmarks like the Historic Everett Theatre and the Schack Art Center. The city features more than 40 parks, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Forest Park, which includes a petting zoo and a water playground, is especially popular with families. Everett hosts several annual events celebrating the community's spirit and culture, including The Everett Film Festival, which features independent films from various countries, and the Fresh Paint Festival of Artists at Work, which brings artists together for live demonstrations and sales.

Flood damage in Everett can significantly affect drywall in homes, resulting in substantial harm and necessitating comprehensive restoration endeavors. Floodwaters permeate drywall, leading it to absorb moisture quickly. As the drywall absorbs water, it expands and softens, resulting in a loss of its structural strength. This expansion can cause distortion, swelling, and a complete breakdown of the drywall material. Neglected water damage can weaken the structural stability of the drywall and surrounding building materials. When drywall becomes saturated and weakened, it may no longer adequately support fixtures, cabinets, and other attached components. SERVPRO has the necessary equipment, skills, and resources to execute comprehensive flood restoration effectively.

Our approach to drywall water damage restoration

  • Water removal
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Salvage vs. replacement
  • Mold remediation

Flood damage provides favorable conditions for mold to thrive, increasing structural damage. Mold remediation involves meticulous cleaning, disinfection, and the elimination of impacted drywall and insulation. Our restoration teams use HEPA vacuums and antimicrobial solutions to eliminate mold residues and hinder future growth.

Salvaging Flood-Damaged Drywall

Flood damage can necessitate the removal of drywall due to saturation, mold growth, structural damage, contamination, and odor issues. SERVPRO employs a variety of tools and methods for removing drywall efficiently. These may include a razor knife, drywall saw (or keyhole saw), rotary saw, Kett saw, or reciprocating saw. 

Requirements for Safe Removal of Damaged Drywall

  • Marking the wall or ceiling with a pencil where the cuts should be made
  • Using a stud finder to locate wall or ceiling studs along the edges where the drywall should be cut 
  • Adjusting the cutting depth of power tools to ensure they do not penetrate beyond the drywall

SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe resolves flood damage "Like it never even happened." Call us at (360) 243-8313.

Get Help with Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Everett

4/7/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO VAN AT SCENE SERVPRO vans carry powerful pumps to extract water at commercial properties in Everett. We are Faster to any size disaster.™

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Everett

Water intrusion is a leading cause of commercial property losses across all real estate classes. It can occur with any scale of water ingress. Staff should be able to identify and report any signs of water damage in a workspace.

If not attended to immediately, water damage in a retail store can interrupt business operations, damage merchandise, impact productivity, and cause substantial financial losses. It is vital to take the necessary steps to conduct commercial water damage restoration in your Everett retail store to prevent a scarred reputation and loss of profits. By acting quickly, you can lessen the effects of water intrusion. When our SERVPRO® professional team arrives, the process we can follow to repair your property is as follows:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water mitigation
  • Cleanup
  • Dry out
  • Sanitization 
  • Repair and restoration 

Our SERVPRO team can inspect the affected areas to determine how severe the destruction is and create a plan for restoring the space. Our technicians can also take inventory, pack out salvageable items, and start mitigation efforts. We can extract the standing water using pumps. We can also use air-moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry your store. Airflow is an essential tool for drying. Our SERVPRO team can ensure that air movers offer continuous airflow across affected damp surfaces like walls, floors, and framing. When air flows faster across a surface, the quicker the moisture evaporates.

Water can cause bacteria and microbes to build up, usually requiring disinfectant treatment. Proper cleaning and sanitizing can ensure your building and structures are safe. Sanitizing can prevent microbial growth.

Our SERVPRO team can also address any severe damage. It may be necessary to perform some reconstruction to restore the retail store to its original condition. Reconstruction may include repairing the building’s floors, walls, and other structures to get the store ready for normal business operations. 

Contact SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe today to repair and restore your commercial property. Our 24-hour hotline is (360) 243 8313. 

Assured Water Damage Restoration in Everett

2/14/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech carrying air drying tool with the caption: FASTER TO ANY SIZE DISASTER If your Everett home has water damage, call SERVPRO. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

Have Confidence in your Water Damage Recovery Service

Booking a repair service can be an anxious experience. Property emergencies are rare, which means most homeowners do not have a pre-existing relationship with the service. Our team has extensive experience in home restoration but also prides ourselves on our trust, reliability, and professionalism.

Mitigating losses during water damage restoration in Everett means drying the property as quickly as possible. The faster a technician can dry the property, the less likely it is for water to be absorbed into surfaces or furnishings. It can also help technicians work faster on addressing the existing damage caused by the water intrusion and can help remove unpleasant odors. 

 The drying process

  • Drying occurs when water molecules evaporate into the surrounding air. 
  • Dry air absorbs water faster, while humid air can become saturated, resulting in slower evaporation.
  • Replacing wet air with dry air quickly is essential for drying.

 One method of speeding up drying is to ventilate spaces, which replaces humid air with dry outdoor air. The core equipment SERVPRO® technicians use to achieve this is an air mover. Air movers are functionally similar to a fan heater. They work by blowing air that is heated by an element into the room using axial blades. Air movers operate the same way but with much more power. 

The differences between air movers and fan heaters

  • Air movers typically use large outlets to provide more even, broad-path airflow.
  • Can operate horizontally, vertically and sideways to face ceilings, walls, stairways and cabinets
  • Much more powerful - with small portable units capable of moving 885 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
  • Portable air movers also have low profiles that allow them to blast warm, dry air across wet floors, walls or surfaces. 
  • Air movers that lack heating elements can be used.

 Drying a property quickly is essential to mitigating losses in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe for water damage restoration at (360) 243-8313.

After Fire Damage, Trust Us to Secure Your Everett House & More

1/16/2024 (Permalink)

White two story home with windows boarded up and black soot on siding from fire damage. If your Everett home has soot or fire damage, call SERFPRO. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

Fire Damage in Everett Is Highly Destructive

The ferocity of a house fire can force windows to break, letting flames scorch the exterior of your Everett residence. The entryway doors and frames can also become so warped that you can no longer close them. SERVPRO® handles fire damage and all of your property's problems arising because of it.

Restoring your property by eliminating all traces of fire damage keeps Everett a safe and welcoming community. Making your vulnerable house and its contents inaccessible to unauthorized individuals helps reduce the chance of injuries. Closing off windows and other entry points can also hinder theft and vandalism. You can depend on SERVPRO's skilled teams to manage the entire process of restoring your home, from the beginning to the end.

Here are some ways we take care of your property after a fire:

  • Boarding up openings,
  • Temporary power, and
  • Working with your insurance company.

When the exterior of your home requires new siding and other fixtures, placing heavy-duty boards using sturdy materials and fasteners does not carry the concern of marring your home's exterior appearance. Having these in place allows us to make repairs and install new siding and other components without the risk of damaging new windows. For example, if we need to blast smoke-damaged siding materials, we can do so without harming windows or their frames.

A lack of power might keep your house's interior dark. Our portable generators light everything up for us and power our machines. Once we receive approval, we can reinstall wiring and other electrical system components.

Because we are a neutral third party, a copy of our inventory of lost items and necessary materials to restore your property can help with the claims process.

One of your first steps after fire damage hits your home is to call SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313. We can make it "Like it never even happened."

Help for Mold Remediation in Everett

10/9/2023 (Permalink)

Caption says: IF YOU SUSPECT MOD IN YOUR HOME, GIVE US A CALL with SERVPRO logo SERVPRO of Everett is here to help with your mold remediation needs. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

Professional Mold Remediation in Everett by SERVPRO®

Everett, WA, is a vibrant city with a rich history and numerous monuments, landmarks, and historical sites. One of its most iconic landmarks is the Everett Theatre, a beautifully restored performing arts venue from 1901. The city also boasts the Historic Everett Public Library, a magnificent architectural gem constructed in 1934. The city is also home to the Naval Station Everett, a prominent military installation, symbolizing its connection to the sea. Additionally, the Everett Waterfront features the Everett Marina, providing picturesque views of boats and stunning sunsets. Everett's blend of historic charm and modern amenities makes it a perfect destination for tourists nationwide.  

With their expertise in the field, SERVPRO techs help residents and businesses with mold remediation in Everett. Whether preserving historical buildings or restoring modern structures, SERVPRO's mold specialists ensure thorough and effective mold removal. 

Professional Mold Removal by SERVPRO Techs

Everett offers a vibrant city life with a diverse economy and housing options. The city provides a bustling urban atmosphere while maintaining a sense of community. The housing market in Everett caters to various needs, with options ranging from modern apartments to charming historic homes. Mold damage is a common problem in these buildings, especially the old ones, and needs to be handled professionally to limit the extent of the damage. 

SERVPRO techs use a systematic approach to identify, contain, remove, and prevent mold growth. Here are the fundamental techniques we use during the mold restoration of your home-

  • Inspection and Assessment: SERVPRO techs conduct a thorough inspection to identify the extent of mold growth and assess the underlying causes.
  • Containment: Containing the affected area is crucial to prevent the spread of mold spores. Techs use physical barriers and negative air pressure systems to ensure containment.
  • Air Filtration: Techs deploy High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration devices to capture airborne mold spores and improve air quality during remediation.
  • Mold Removal: Different methods like scrubbing, dry ice blasting, and antimicrobial treatments remove mold from surfaces and materials.

Call SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313 for prompt service. 

Post-Storm Groundwater Extraction in Lake Stevens

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

Image of flooded yard front in front of home  When your house is underwater after a storm, SERVPRO of Lake Stevens is Here to Help® 24/7.

Water Removal Services After Flooding 

Lake Stevens has always been an example of a small community that could rapidly increase in size when the region has much to offer. The increase in popularity has much to do with the town being constructed around a massive natural lake that spans more than 1000 acres. It is the largest in Snohomish County and the deepest, reaching 150 feet at points. The attractions of water sports, fishing, and associated recreation made this a famous vacation and travel destination for decades, even when the village was only 900 people in 1960. In the past 60 years, that number has increased to nearly 34,000.

As beautiful and charming as the area might be, there is cause at times for groundwater extraction in Lake Stevens properties. Whether it is quaint and long-standing businesses like the Mansion Inn or newer shopping and retail areas like Frontier Village and Lake Mall Shopping Center, storm damage can be damaging and threatening. Our SERVPRO® professionals are Large Loss specialists throughout the county, from historic buildings like Grimm House to government structures like City Hall.

Flood Cleanup Services for Your Property

Because flooding can occur so quickly in residences and businesses, our storm response team stays ready to respond 24/7. We have skilled technicians to mitigate loss and restore your property to its original state. We can help through every phase of recovery, beginning with surface water extraction with tools like:

  • Trash Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Vacuums
  • Specialty Extractors

As a prominent bedroom community for Everett and even Seattle, Lake Stevens has become an attractive place to call home. However, when flooding occurs after severe weather, you need experienced professionals to make things right. SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe can help when you call (360) 243-8313.

Handling Fire Damage Restoration with Ease in Everett

5/29/2023 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything When fire affects your property, effective remediation services are what you need. Contact SERVPRO 24/7. We are standing by to take your call.

Reach Out to SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup

Located just 25 miles north of Seattle, Everett is the largest city within Snohomish County. You will find a quaint, lovely historic downtown area filled with unique culture and a vibrant music and arts scene here. There are also plenty of family-oriented events and festivals year-round, so there is never any shortage of things to do or memories in the making. For any homeowner or business in the area, SERVPRO is available with IICRC-certified fire damage restoration services in the event of an emergency. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

In addition to water, mold, and fire damage restoration services in Everett, SERVPRO takes pride in being part of the local community. Some of the area attractions include the following:

  • Funko: If you are a collector, then you know all about the wonders that await at the Funko flagship store. Whether you are a pop culture fan or have someone in your family who is, this is a must-visit when you are in Everett. Do some shopping to pick out a couple of new Funko Pop figures or learn a bit about the company's history.
  • Imagine Children's Museum: This fantastic museum never has a shortage of wonders to learn about. This is a perfect destination to bring the kids for a family adventure so the young minds can get immersed in unique learning activities. 
  • Summit Everett: When it is time to get some exercise in, this indoor climbing gym in downtown's heart fits the bill. Rain or shine, patrons never have to worry about the weather putting a damper on their activities when checking out some of the different climbs for various ability levels.

If a fire leaves charred debris and smoke damage in your Everett home or business, you must have it cleaned up quickly. SERVPRO of Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is here with skilled technicians and industrial-grade equipment to get the job done. Request help online or call to schedule a crew at (360) 243-8313, and we can send our Green Fleet as soon as possible.

Water Restoration Companies Manage Damage to Lake Stevens Offices

5/8/2023 (Permalink)

Here to help SERVPRO  When your Lake Stevens business experiences water damage, it's important to act fast! SERVPRO is dedicated to being Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Professional Assistance After Office Leaks 

Leaks from plumbing in the office building can leave many areas of the structure suffering water damage. It is vital to overcome the acute effects of these damages first, such as removing standing surface water. Skilled water restoration companies prepare for threats to massive commercial structures of the region, and many trust SERVPRO to help with the following:

  • Rapid response for mitigation
  • Industry-leading equipment for drying
  • General contractor license for repairs

Mitigation Solutions for Your Business

When securing water restoration companies for your Lake Stevens office building, you need professionals to arrive quickly to begin emergency services and mitigation. Lessening the impact of water damage is vital to the restoration process. We have many tools and machines capable of helping with this, including extraction and demolition equipment.

Effective Drying Approaches

Commercial properties are usually known for having more extensive square footage than residential areas. Drying these regions can be more challenging as a result. Our inventory has commercial-grade drying equipment, led by hundreds of air movers and dehumidification equipment. In addition, our Green Fleet of service vehicles arrives with stocked trailers to begin effective drying as soon as we reach this phase of restoration.

Needed Repairs to Complete the Restoration 

Having a general contractor license, we can complete many of the repairs and building services required for the restoration project. Having all services under one heading saves your business and helps promptly open your doors.

As one of the leading water restoration companies in the area, we understand the urgency of restoring your office to its preloss condition. Rapid actions by our professionals ensure that we mitigate loss, clean up the mess, and get you back operational as soon as possible. Call (360) 243-8313 SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe.

Spotlight on SERVPRO of Everett / Lake Stevens /Monroe Crew Chief Quamere Kendall

4/28/2023 (Permalink)

male employee standing by a SERVPRO truck SERVPRO Man by Day Coach Q by Night!

SuperHero Restoration Professional and Youth Coach/Mentor

Inspiring individuals work and live among us, amazing people who rise to the challenge of helping and serving others against all odds. SERVPRO of Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is fortunate to count "Q," Quamere Kendall, as one such crusader, tirelessly delivering excellent restoration outcomes for customers facing devastating circumstances.

In his two-plus years with SERVPRO, Q finds purpose daily by helping community members suffering through incredibly stressful situations. He focuses on the positive, is upbeat, and determined to make devastating circumstances "Like it never even happened." Q's compassion and professionalism support property owners and his SERVPRO crew during challenging times. Rising rapidly up our ranks, Q now serves as a Project Manager working directly with customers during the critical assessment phase and onward.

Twenty years of coaching and mentoring youthful athletes sharpened Q's team-building ability. Stepping in decades ago when his youngest son's football team needed a coach, Q "morphed" into other roles as needed, eventually taking the helm as head coach for Sultan High School's girl's varsity basketball. His coaching evolution translates well while serving SERVPRO customers -- good things happen when urging team members that each has something special to bring. Fitting skills and positive attitudes together to achieve success.

Q points to his training and experience at SERVPRO as motivation toward increasing his patience during coaching: "Situations that we approach at SERVPRO can be tackled in many ways. Our work team and customers have shown me how I can be better in supporting them and my basketball team."

Q is also a huge comic book fan, with the X-Men and Wolverine as his favorites. His chosen superpower would be impenetrable skin, which is handy when dealing with the dangers of disaster sites.

SERVPRO customers need no book to appreciate the adventures of our favorite SuperHero. Presenting the mighty Q, SERVPRO Man by day, and Coach Q at night!

Approaches Everett Professionals Use Against Severe Water Damage

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

an employee in a SERVPRO van with water damage equipment Our SERVPRO crew arrives to mitigate water damage from residential and commercial properties in Everett.

SERVPRO Unravels Everett Water Restoration Challenges

Water damage can be classified as severe if the level of deterioration is high or if the affected section presents challenges that can interfere with standard restoration procedures. Characteristic conditions that result in such outcomes include extended moisture exposure when water is left stagnating in a building over an extended period. Another alternative is when the affected part of the structure is an assembly of different materials. A professional can help you easily overcome such challenges in your Everett home.

The most critical aspect of addressing Everett water damage is understanding the spread patterns and whether any barriers can interfere with water evacuation. Moisture barriers lengthen the time it takes to complete extraction or create hidden moisture pockets. Both outcomes are not ideal since wastage of resources and development of secondary damages are likely. With the evaluation done by SERVPRO, it is easy to find sound solutions for both issues.

When the wetness affects standard materials, controlling damage requires creating ideal drying conditions on the material's surface. That allows moisture to escape from the materials to the surrounding air, halting further deterioration or reversing the moisture's negative effects on the substance. For instance, swollen wood regains its usual form once the absorbed water is reduced.

Ideal drying conditions include:

  • Sufficient airflow
  • Warm temperature
  • Humidity control

The Challenge of Structural Assemblies

Many sections of a home are made from combinations of different materials known as assemblies. In most cases, these materials have varying physical properties like varying levels of porousness and permeability. Porousness describes the material structure regarding the void spaces present, while permeability is the ease at which moisture passes through a material. In terms of physical properties, materials range from thick layers of solid materials with uniform properties to thin layered materials with varying properties. Typical assemblies include ceilings, staircases, and floors.

Restoring assemblies requires sufficient power to remove the water absorbed into materials, thus halting water damage. Our SERVPRO IICRC-Certified technicians are equipped with enough air movers and dehumidifiers to facilitate drying. The air movers ensure sufficient airflow around the wet areas. Dehumidifiers extract the moisture released into the air, thus sustaining constant drying speeds.

Other properties complicating the restoration of assemblies

  • Vapor barriers
  • Conditioned and unconditioned surfaces
  • Moisture entrapment in concealed areas

The efforts to restore an assembly after water intrusion can fail if there is a vapor barrier that interferes with evaporation. Vapor barriers can be layers of gloss paint, wallpapers, or 4-mil plastic sheets installed behind drywall. If the barrier is not addressed, drying might not be successful regardless of the number of drying equipment used. You can address vapor barriers in different ways, including perforation or disassembling the affected areas.

When an area is conditioned and unconditioned, it is necessary to ensure that the drying processes can work for both. Our SERVPRO technicians incorporate additional steps apart from standard drying equipment when drying unconditioned areas. For instance, we can set up drying chambers to ensure airflow or dehumidification is contained within a specific site such as an attic. When drying walls, we drill vent holes at the base of the wall allowing circulation of warm, dry air in the wall's interior.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe works with diligence to counter any challenges related to water damage. Call us at (360) 243 8313. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.