What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

A fantastic response to a less than fantastic fire. We have a simpler property than most. While our fire didn't displace families or affect anything other than people's toys....SERVPRO's response was precisely what one would expect. Their concerns mirrored our own and in a short amount of time (and with tremendous flexibility on their part) we were back in business.

Work and communication was excellent.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I cannot say more about these guys!! Out to my home in just hours of a phone call, worked around both mine and my tenant's schedules. 

These guys really are the best at what they do, they are kind, courteous, fast and worked well within my budget and even worked out all of the details with my insurance and I didn't have to worry about a thing!

Thank you so very much to Tricia and her team, they truly are amazing and got my house ready for contractors to come in and get my remodel after this water damage on the road.

People at SERVPRO are very knowledgeable and professional.

Timely attention to client’s claims! As an insurance agent we refer many of our clients needing home restoration with many positive results!

Working with SERVPRO for helping with larger products that I can't take on due to licensing and insurance reasons, Stephanie House has been taking great care of customers of mine and it's great that we are able to work together.

SERVPRO is dedicated to helping their clients through what are often very difficult home and business emergencies. You will be well taken care of with SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of N. Everett has saved my bacon twice. The first time was on a holiday when my upstairs shower drain failed, and flooded my downstairs. They were there in less than 1 hour on a holiday. [They] immediately found the problem and began drying out my damaged areas. 

The second time was at 5:00 am when an upstairs water heater failed above my rental condo, and completely flooded my entry way, ceiling, floors, walls, and more. My tenant was in a panic and SERVPRO once again was there very, very fast! I think it was less than an hour. At 5:00 am. Who does that? They did. They are professional, informative, and very courteous. They made sure all of the water-damaged areas were dried out, removed damaged sheet rock, flooring, and helped me find contractors to make repairs. They know what they are doing… I totally trust these folks, and would highly recommend [them].